Once your Chicken Rocket is seasoned, it is now ready for use.

1. Have a chicken, turkey or duck completely thawed.

2. Fill the cylinder of the Chicken Rocket half full with your favorite beer or marinade.

3. Preheat your grill or oven to 350F, with your Chicken Rocket inside.

4. Once your grill or oven is preheated, place your bird of choice on to the cylinder of the preheated Chicken Rocket.

5. Ensure the Chicken Rocket is placed in the center of the preheated grill or oven.

6. Cook until done.

  • If cooking in an oven, place your Chicken Rocket in a broiler pan or a deep sheet pan to catch excess drippings.
  • The Chicken Rocket will work excellent in your standard oven when placed on the bottom rack.

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